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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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be our follower... the luckiest follower will get a cheese cake..... hurry grab it!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cheese Cakes

Yummylicious! That's the best worrd to describe about cheese cake!!!

Blueberry cheese cake
cross-section of the cheese cake
strawberry cheese cake
ordered by Ckg Norziah
strawberry cheese cakes- ordered by Ckg Siti Khadijah Dolmat

Chocolate Moist Cakes

I learn to bake & deco this cakes by my sifu Addamira Yushan aka G-an (http://halamancuppies.blogspot.com/). She is really a creative cake decorator... & i really having my gud time wit her... I learnt on how to deco a cakes with roses...(100% made by chocolate)... huhhuhuh...My hands were shivering for the 1st time... but now I can do better roses than before! Lets have a look @ my Choc Moist Cakes  ;))

ordered by Lakhsmi...

ordered by Mitchell
ordered by cikgu masmiyah

close up


These cuppies was ordered by Ckg Suzanah on behalf of Fadzie...  Fadzie requested a simple case for each cupcake... on the top of the cupcake was the edible image of Fadzie & Hubby!

close up

in domes containers...I pasted a sticker - Fadzie & Khairul!=))

more cupcakes

Here are some of the famous cupcakes ordered by MHC customers

piping jelly cupcake

cookie monster... more popular than his 2 friends- elmo & big bird
sunflower cupcake ( based on ur theme color)
Daisy Bush cupcake
Choc syrup cupcakes
Clown cupcakes
choc topping cupcake

Hantaran Cuppies

Cuppies set for hantaran from  Nadiya to Izam... I used the gumpaste flowers to make it more attractive & lasting! used only two colors - pink + purple! : )..& edible image....


16 pcs per box

16 pcs hantaran cupcakes

Wedding Cake

top cake
2nd tier: roses cupcakes
1st tier-choc moist cake
the 3 tiers cake!
This wedding cake is done for my SIL Nadiya... Its a 3 tiers wedding cake with red & white theme... I used fondant to cover the entire cake...due to long distance journey..(Melaka -Pahang) Quite hesitate @the beginning but my hubby give his 200% effort to ensure this cake arrived there safely!=))) Enjoy it!