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Thursday, February 17, 2011

chocolate moist cake

Chocolate Moist Cake (wit roses!)

Blooming roses...my new skill!
this cake is so special... I learnt to make these beautiful roses from my sifu Addamira Yushan(G-an)...=)) its really an amazing xperience.. Although its quite difficult for the 1st time...now I'm able to make those roses using nozzles...(instead of using the edible roses...)Yeah! I can do it!

Barbie Cake

Assalamualaikum... Actually,this is my 1st trial todeco a barbie cake... huhuu...hope u can give me sum supportive comments.;))

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Birthday Cakes

Birthday Cupcakes for Mama..

Birthday Cake for Mazidah (ordered by Kak Mazlina Mazlan)

Ordered by Kak Mas Omar for lovely doter NurMaisarah=))

Ordered by Wan Siti Nur Aini for her Daughters....TQ

Ordered by my friend, Aida for her luvly girl Afifah!

Ordered by Aishah for Aina, her dotter..:)

Ordered by Kak Miha...as a bufday surprise 4 her hubby...huhu TQ Sis!

...& with the heart shaped candles....=))

ordered by Kak Yusni for her son, Aiman...Aiman,May Allah bless u, dear!

saje2 bake utk Akmal...(4 1/2 yrs old) hahaha...

I baked it as a present for Aida Nur Afifah... cayang awak!

special ordered by shima

ordered by Kak Rubihah for her child, Izzati...Hepi Besday!
i started my baking project since 2010... but lack of time to make such blog like this... so i just upload some pics of birthday cakes... Hope u 'll like it!

Special Cake

Salam semua... entry kali ini adalah special cake... kek2 nie sumenye mengikut kehendak customer...design yg diilhamkan oleh customer...=))

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

cheese cake

Cross Section of  Blueberry Cheese Cake

Blueberry Cheese Cake
Strawberry Cheese Cake